Reflection: Mangalitsa

Today I reflected upon a past experience in Branchville, NJ about 4 years ago and a special breed of hog.  I left the entry just as it was written in a previous blog- a reflection of my writing as well.

It all started from a call from an old chef buddy of my boss’s:

“Hey I’m going down to New Jersey to bring back a Mangalitsa pig, thought you might be interested..send one of your guys”

On February 16-18 2010, I took part in Pigstock 2010 hosted at Mosefund Farm in Branchville, NJ.

 Who: A group of chefs, journalists, photographers, “foodies”

What: A 3 day Class in the slaughtereing/ preparing of organs/ and seam butchery of the Mangalitsa Pig taught by Cristoph and Isabell Wiesner of Austria.

When: February 16-18 2010

Where: Mosefund Farm Branchville, NJ

Why: Showcasing this heritage breed being introduced to America.

The Mangalitsa (aka Mangalita, Mangalica) Hog originated in Austria/ Hungary. This breed is bred and known for its extreme fat content. Basically it is a chef’s/ butcher’s dream. Pig Porn. 

Over the intense weekend I slaughtered the pigs, ate everything form the snout to tail, learned seam butchery (a method of cutting individual muscles) and met some amazing people.

I brought back 1/2 of pig. I sold the fresh meat in our store, rendered lard, and collaborated on a tasting menu my friend’s restaurant (Nudel).

This event changed my life. I can easily say that i’ve worked this hard in my field to achieve and attend such event. 

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