Farmer Style

Today I was amused yet complimented by a story a friend shared with me about his grilled Spanish Mackerel experience:

Me: “Farmer Rich, what’s happnin?”

Farmer Rich: “Dude! That (Spanish) Mackerel you sold me was absolutely phenominal!”  It was so white and creamy and soo good!

Me: “Oh yea? How’d you cook it?”

Farmer Rich: “Just olive oil, salt, and lemon juice. Grilled it in the weber, indirect heat.  It’s all it needed.  The water pressure was messed up in my cabin on the farm so I didn’t even get a chance to rinse it but I didn’t care.”

Me: “That’s farmer style”.

Farmer Rich: (chuckles)  “The meat was so soft and buttery.  It fell right off the bones and was like mashed potatoes.  The skin ontop was so crispy like a potato chip.  Awww, dude.. I devoured the whole thing.  I even ate some of the head, the fins, and some of the small bones.  I normally would’t eat the whole 3 pound fish myself but, man, I just lost it!”

Me: “Totally farmer style.”

Farmer Rich: “Order me another this weekend.  Ok, I’m outta here!”

*Note: Having known Farmer Rich for quite some time, we tagged the phrase ‘farmer style’ from his ill-mannered eating habits.  In particular, I witnessed him literally inhale a 4-ounce sized panna cotta at a fine dining restaurant without the aid of utensils. “That was totally farmer style!”, an onlooker claimed, and, obviously, the phrase stuck..

Fish Library:  Mackerel, Spanish

2 thoughts on “Farmer Style

  1. Yup! Totally get it. We had some of that Mackerel ourselves and were hard-pressed not to eat it all in one sitting. First up – crudo; perfect cool, creamy slices of pure fish essence. Next – ceviche slurped from a spoon then loaded into tacos. And finally crispy grilled – and we were still bowled over by the beautiful creamy texture of this perfect fish. Thanks Austin!

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