Salmon and Smoke

When I was young and pursuing a professional career as a cook, I couldn’t stand Salmon.  The strong fishy smell (obviously, not fresh) I encountered with every piece of super market salmon lingered in my head and lead me to frown upon every dull ‘criss-crossed’ grilled Salmon, Salmon cake or Gravlox menu offering.  Sadly, my landlocked and mere super market knowledge of Salmon translated to other fish, dampening an early appreciation for seafood.

The moment that changed and saved my view of fish (yes, I remember this vividly)  is when I prepared and ate the freshest, scentless, bright red fleshed Wild Salmon ontop of a piece of cedar on a grill.

Today Salmon is my favorite fish (as irony happens).  I can’t get enough of the rich and fatty flesh prepared in the simplest way possible- a little olive oil, sea salt, and smoke.

Recipe: Salmon, Cedar Grilled

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