Happy 2013!


For every door that closes, another opens.  My New Year’s resolution for this blog is to invest more time and provide more resources into the theme of sustainable fish and seafood.  As concerns of overfishing, global warming or poor quality farmed fish overwhelms the markets and media, less attention is being paid to the smaller percentage of people and efforts giving way to responsible aquaculture and wild harvesting.

Our oceans have a long way to go to recover from overfishing and our regional and national fishermen, scientists, and politicians are investing efforts to revitalize our oceans and set forward new laws to protect not only individual species, but the vitality and strength of the ocean chain as well.  While they are doing that I want to invest my efforts into seeking out and supporting the best alternatives and practices.

More than ever we are seeing a increased demand for not only sustainable farmed options but responsible and ethical as well.  More younger people are starting to farm oysters, mussels or other shellfish along with fresh and saltwater fish.

Over the next year my mission is to seek out these people, interview them, visit them, take pictures, eat, cook and report on my findings.

Follow me!  And most importantly share this with others and spread the word!





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