Gold, Eureka!


A walk in the woods, for me, is a perfect way to vent and relax on a day off.  I’ve always enjoyed foraging and the ‘hunt’ for some of the most amazing wild edibles our region has to offer for the mere price of respecting the land (and a few mosquito bites).

I wrote about such ‘designer’ edibles -here- but my favorite is the Chanterelle mushroom.  If you know where to find them, keep it a secret!  It is a rewarding excuse for me to drive to my spot each year, take a brisk hike up through the woods and spot their golden tops poking out of the dull colored forest ground.  Eureka!

One thought on “Gold, Eureka!

  1. Hi Austin,
    We met at Chocolate Springs today. You gave me the Edible Berkshires email address and I realized once you left that I had forgotten to introduce myself. My name is Elizabeth. And I already emailed Bruce. Thanks. I hope to see you around.

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