Becoming a Coach

The post before this was published October 2014. Certainly a lot has happened since then in this rollercoaster of a life.

If where you are in life isn’t where you want to be or is going to get you closer to your dreams, than it’s time for a change…

One thing that hasn’t changed is my burning dream and passion for entertaining, food, travel, meeting new people and learning about their amazing stories on how they got to where they are now. Whether it be a cheese maker in northern Vermont, a chef that cooks over open fires, or Oyster growers in Martha’s Vineyard- I love meeting new people and growing relationships.

Perhaps this is why a new opportunity that was put in front of me intrigues and inspires me so much.

I guess it’s easier if I go back a couple of years. I was just on the cusp of 30 years old and all of a sudden I realized that 2 decades of eating (and drinking) mostly whatever I wanted well started to take a toll on me.

So after determining I was not taking care of myself and was overweight, I was stuck as to what to do about it. You see.. NO ONE can tell me what I can and can’t eat. I love to eat and I eat to live. I love seafood. that’s right, I SEE food, I eat it. So when my doctor told me I was overweight and that what was leading to me feeling less energy and stressed a lot of the time, I had to make a decision to either eat less or exercise.

I never played sports or went to the gym before. I used the excuse when I worked in kitchens that “I had plenty of exercise while walking on my feet all day and going up and down stairs”. Well either I wasn’t walking up those stairs fast enough or I was eating more nachos than there were stairs to balance it all out.

Alright, I got this! Exercise! I’m going to get on my bike, hit the gym, hell, maybe even take up running and be one of those guys that goes on a 5am run before work and meets his buddies at the gym after work for a quick workout and sauna.

Well didn’t work out so well since I had NO IDEA what I was doing and was still eating more cheeseburgers than the amount of times I pedaled that bike or lifted that weight.

As fate sometimes has it, When you are looking for something, that thing just appears. In this case it was a new friend at the time that was involved in a company called Beachbody who marketed at-home workout programs and supplements. Veronica actually babysat his kids first and told me that this guy was involved in this company that sold shakes and dvds. Skeptical as I was, I said something like “Yea that sounds like gimmicky waste of money. How many installments of 19.95 do you have to pay?”

Veronica brought home some shakes. I laughed at here and this product, ‘Shakeology’ and told her that no one would ever catch me dead drinking this stuff, get brain washed to drink the ‘Koolaid’ and spend money on other products by this company named ‘Beachbody’.

What I did notice, however, is how much this guy was involved in the company and the business he made for himself. So my curious self googled Beachbody, Shakeology and all these fitness programs and I found this HUGE network of people doing these workout programs together in groups and drinking this Shakeology. ‘It’s a cult!!’

But after reading around more I see that the guy that formulated Shakeology, Daren Olien, is a pretty interesting fellow that travels the world hunting for these superfood ingredients that go into the shakes. Hunting the word for exquisite ingredients and su? hmm that sounds familiar to a certain someones dream…

Ok I tried the damn shake…and It wasn’t bad at all…I drank a couple a week and noticed more energy and just healthier.

I went to Keith (the Beachbody guy) and asked him to recommend me a workout program based on my level of experience and goals and he got me this 90-day program. Ok a challenge! I got this! I was going to kill this program, loose weight and be that jogging guy with a headband at 5am in LESS than that 90 days!

First 4 days goes great, then I missed a day. No problem, I’ll make it up tomorrow. Then I missed the next day. Its fine, no worries, its life, I’ll do 3 workouts the day after.

Well I never finished that program and was ready to give up when Keith invited Veronica and I to Nashville to help take care of his kids at the company’s annual recognition and training event called ‘summit’.

So we go to Nashville, stay at the Grand Ole Opry Hotel and live it up! All while these Beachbody coaches are running around like ants in their groups.

I observed tremendous bonding and closeness with these different groups of coaches.

Upon returning I went back to the inter web and looked into this thing more closely. What I noticed is that people and coaches together did these programs and help each other accountable through Facebook, text messages and even doing workouts together. I also saw that these coaches were working full-time as a beachbody coach and were seeming to make a decent living for themselves and their families. All this for slinging shakes and dvds?

I remember it clear is night because it was so out of the normal and comfort zone for me. I texted Keith, “Hey man, do you think someone like me has what it takes to be a coach?” He replied’ “Absolutely but its going to take some work”

Work? I was used to sweating away 17 hours straight in the kitchen, I think I can handle it..

I met with Keith and got signed up and went through trainings to learn how to set up one of these fitness accountability groups and then lead a 21-day group of about 5 people (4 of which were my family members) But I did the whole program 100% and lost 20 pounds, and felt friggin’ awesome!

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I loved the shakes by then, was drinking them daily and everyone was noticing and complimenting me and asking what I was doing the get into shape. I was so excited to tell them about Shakeology and these dvd programs but its funny how people reacted. Not a lot of people cared or saw it how I was seeing it.


Well I was determined and kept sharing and sharing and I got another small group together but I felt discouraged that I couldn’t get a huge group together and make this into a sweet side business.


Then I realized what this business was really about. Although the core of the business was supplements and dvd fitness programs, the philosophy of the business was the most crucial for individual success. That was seeking and building strong relationships.

IMG_2562  IMG_2737


Woah, I get it! I mean every job I did in the past stated with relationships too: meeting your farmers who grew the food for the restaurants, talking with your clientele and relating stories to inspire them to eventually taste and make a decision to purchase a cheese.

Where I originally thought this company was a pyramid type scam of a marketing gimmick, I was dead wrong. It as an opportunity for people to share something most people are looking for- postive life change. That positive life change could be in the form of nutrition, fitness, but also leadership, team building, and financial health as well.

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So here I am, focused and determined to become a full time Beachbody coach. Because I see the vision and I’ve rubbed quite a few elbows with some highly successful coaches to know what it takes to be successful in this business. Also the rewards for me are going right back to what I dreamt of as this young kid fresh out of college with a culinary degree and a humungous appetite for food, life, travel and meeting amazing and inspiring people.


Follow me on my new journey! It’s going to have its ups and downs for sure but it’s all a learning curve and what I’ve learned so far is irrefutable.

It’s living life right at the edge of my comfort zone.

I’ll with end with the same statement as I started with this post:

If where you are in life isn’t where you want to be or is going to get you closer to your dreams, than it’s time for a change…

Is this an opportunity that you’ve been looking for??

If you are interested in this opportunity or learning a little more, shoot me a message, I’d love to tell you more about it!