Starting 2017 with Health, Help and Happiness…The Rest will Follow

in 2016 I made a simple resolution for myself to get healthy, accept help, and be happy. Although vague, I knew if I focused my mind on those simple concepts in multiple areas of my life, my actions would align.

Although it seems simple it was actually really hard. I ran in a lot of different directions, faced a lot of self doubt, resistance, discouragement, criticism and other signs pointing to, “Play it safe and just do what you have been doing up until now and hope for the best.”

Frankly, I didn’t want to be stuck there.

So I focused and worked. I worked at getting in shape, eating balanced, being vulnerable, being more present, expressing myself more, being happier, finding a spiritual path that I believed in, and working towards the things that I TRULY wanted in my life.

What a year it was when I put my focus on these three words: Health, help and happiness.

So for 2017 my resolution is to help others see their potential in this concept and join them to stay accountable towards their goals.

I am a firm believer that anything seemingly difficult can be broken down into simpler and more manageable systems.

Health, help and happiness.

Health is what fuels our bodies and minds to do remarkable things. Human bodies and minds were meant to do remarkable things!

Help is what everyone needs, I don’t care who you are. To think you can do anything alone is simply naive.

Happiness can be the result or goal in practicing the first two. By taking care of yourself first and then others, we can all be happier and more fulfilled in this life.

I thank all of my readers, contributors, and followers for being here and having a look from time to time and giving or taking what you feel.

Happy New Year!

My wish to you is health, help and happiness.










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