Superfood Spotlight: Sacha Inchi

Really excited to be introducing a weekly series called ‘Superfood Spotlight.’ Every week I will highlight a superfood ingredient and talk about the key points of nutrition and what it overall does for us.

My passion for these foods is derived from Shakeology, a supplement product formulated by Darren Olien and Isabelle Daikeler. The easiest way to describe Shakeology is ’70 of the best known foods on the planet for health of the body put into one package’.

Whole food based, with prebiotics, digestive enzymes, phytonutrients and much more. I’m just so amazed with this product that I’ve dedicated a lot of my study to it and hope you find value in my sharing!

This week the ingredient is ‘Sacha Inchi‘.


Sacha inchi is a native plant to Peru and contains more immunity-boosting vegetarian omega-3s than any other food on the planet! Sacha inchi is said to offer a variety of health benefits. Consuming sacha inchi can help reduce excess abdominal fat and promote weight loss. In addition, sacha inchi is purported to fight depression, reduce cholesterol levels, prevent heart disease, and aid in diabetes management.

Applied topically, the oil is used as a face oil and for hair.

That’s not all it does, though. Sacha inchi is naturally rich in protein and fiber, so it’s a strong appetite controller—nature’s diet. Then it goes a step further by helping to speed your metabolism, so you burn those fewer calories you’ve consumed more efficiently and rapidly. Sacha inchi is easy to digest, then fully absorbed by your body, so it all goes to work right away too.

Sacha inchi in Peru grows to be about six feet in height, with big green leaves, tiny white flowers, and, ultimately, small star-shaped fruit (about 2 inches across; they’re brownish-black when fully ripe). But the oil we use comes from the seeds. Unlike some other farming areas, the “nuts” aren’t processed there. They’re grown, picked, and packed up, then taken or shipped to processing areas.

In Conclusion

Eating sacha inchi seeds or oil as part of a balanced diet enhances overall health including promotes natural weight-loss through metabolism health, aids in preventing high cholesterol risk, aids in preventing heart disease and aids in diabetes management. 

Sacha inchi is best known to increase one’s intake of omega-3 fatty acids.

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