Superfood Spotlight: Astragalus Root

Really excited to be introducing a weekly series called ‘Superfood Spotlight.’ Every week I will highlight a superfood ingredient and talk about the key points of nutrition and what it overall does for us.

My passion for these foods is derived from Shakeology, a supplement product formulated by Darren Olien and Isabelle Daikeler. The easiest way to describe Shakeology is ’70 of the best known foods on the planet for health of the body put into one package’.

Whole food based, with prebiotics, digestive enzymes, phytonutrients and much more. I’m just so amazed with this product that I’ve dedicated a lot of my study to it and hope you find value in my sharing!

This week the ingredient is Astragalus Root.

The Astragalus plant is actually a cousin of the pea family, with more than 2,000 varieties. In China, they’ve used it since before the time of Christ for therapeutic healing. It helps strengthen the immune system, increase energy and vitality, and helps keep you young! Research shows that Astragalus extract can help enhance telomere strength, the parts of chromosomes that affect aging.

Astragalus root also helps to strengthen muscle mass and helps to improve your metabolism, circulation, and breathing, while it helps speed healing too.

The fibrous roots of the plant are sun-dried, then resoaked in water and cut into slices. At that stage, they can be redried and crushed into powder, which is what is widely available to us here.

In Conclusion

Astragalus Root is used in the aid of healing, increased energy, immune system health, any aging, and muscle recovery.

If you are interested in more or trying Shakeology, please contact me -Here-

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