Back at it (blogging that is)


After a brief hiatus of reclaiming my blog from Chinese hijackers selling counterfeit products (not kidding, this happened and it was a pain), I’m happy to get back to my blog, a new year, new goals, and a lot of exciting things in the works.

As I work to get the blog back in order and enhance the security, bear with me if links don’t work here and there.

Obviously, the most exciting news is that Veronica and I are getting married this year!!! We have our date, venue and menu in the works and thrilled to share it as it comes together!

As for my career, I have switched over full time as a freelance chef, caterer, business consultant and writer.

This season has been a whirlwind for sure in work, travel, new client relationship building and the hustle. It’s always about the hustle in any food related career…But I love the hustle. ‘The obstacle is the way’ as one says and, well, in my case-‘The hustle is the way’.

Many of my friends have wondered what happened to me and I’m happy to say that I’m still here and plugging away! I’ve just been extremely focused on work and positioning myself, career and family for an amazing year!

While tirelessly working (and fighting off blog hijackers), I have been dreaming up blog posts and other writing so this outlet is always where I hope to reflect on my past, present and future work with fun ideas like:

  • ‘Throw Back Thursdays’- fun anecdotes and past experiences.
  • ‘Family Meals’- What I’m cooking during the week outside of work and travel.
  • ‘On the Road’- Pictures, rave, rants, and other eye candy from my busy travel life.
  • More recipes!!

As always, thanks for following along and being a part of my journey however small or large it may be!

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