I’ve been driven to the intersection of food, health and culture my whole life.  Like most involved in food related careers, I keep a hungry palate and indulge any opportunity that finds me. I’ve cooked and catered for a handful of renowned restaurants around New England, graduated from the New England Culinary Institute in 2005 and then started working in retail as a cheesemonger and fishmonger.

I left retail and took a big risk to work for myself, on my own terms. I am now a private chef and caterer and consultant as well as dabbling in food writing.

in 2015, I was introduced to an unexpected opportunity that shifted my gears. I realized my fitness and nutrition lacked so I started a training program and shifted into the best health of my life. I was quick to learn of an amazing business opportunity and began helping others.

Balancing my health, nutrition, fitness and freedom are my main motives these days and I love to inspire others to break free of their limitations and design a healthy and fulfilling lifestyle.

I am currently a founder and executive chef of a local food company called Braise Worthy. Our goal has been to create healthy stand-out, slow-cooked dishes with ingredients that could be traced back to the farm and promoting the brand with local events and collaborations.

This blog shares my journeys with food, health, nutrition and, of course, adventure!