FullSizeRender-9In 2015 I was introduced to the Beachbody coach opportunity that literally changed my life.

After spending a lot of time working through restaurants and catering and living a busy and stressful life, I found myself in poor health and fitness as well as high levels of anxiety, stress, and slight depression.

After having a severe anxiety attack, I said enough is enough!

I committed to an at home  workout program with Beachbody and started to drink Shakeology and saw HUGE improvements in my nutrition, energy, health, and overall happiness. I fell in love with ALL Beachbody products and everything the company and it’s CEO, Carl Daikeler stands for.

The mission of Beachbody is simple: ‘Help people achieve their goals and live a healthy, fulfilling life.’ The rewards from this ‘job’ far surpass any money or trips. It’s one thing to achieve your own goals and to be successful but it’s a BLESSING to help others achieve their goals and be successful.

Within my first year as a coach, I helped and was a part of around 100 peoples fitness journeys and life transformation, not only physically but also emotionally. Here are a few testimonials:

-“Austin is a great coach. Not only was he helpful and kept me motivated but he actually cared about my personal success and that made a huge difference for me. He is passionate about what he does and it shows!”

-“A year ago, I was having difficulty with my health from not being able to control my diabetes and high blood pressure. I did the program ’21 day fix’  for a couple of rounds. I followed the program and modified the exercises and with it I lost 26 lbs! I share this with you because of this I was able to return to running which I had not done over 3 decades. I’m also a leader within the VFW. I have a very busy life since and am doing the things I love.  Austin is an awesome coach. I’m happy to call him a friend. 6 months later, I am a diamond ranked Beachbody coach and coach a team of coaches and customers to better their health, nutrition, finances or a combination of.”

-“I have been working out consistently for years, mostly by myself at the gym. On top of that, I’ve been serving four years so far in the Marine Corps infantry. I thought I knew fitness.. I noticed that with my own workout routine,however, I started to fall into a repetitive routine that neglected many muscle groups. Austin’s guidance both with workouts and nutrition was a reality check into just how neglectful I had been! (Wakeup call!!) From the very beginner to seasoned gym rat, I’d recommend Austin’s coaching to anyone who’s looking to mix up their routine, and have a lot of fun doing it. I know I sure did! The 15lbs of weight loss was also a nice bonus!”

I work closely with a community of over a thousand coaches attending annual retreats, cruises, trainings, and other network events. A key aspect of this opportunity is that you own your own business and are  partnering with Beachbody (not working for Beachbody) and their top of the line nutrition, fitness and business training.

I look at life a lot differently now and am creating a life I once dreamed about but then shut away, thinking I made too many mistakes in the past.

Anyone who is looking for a positive life change, whatever and wherever you are in life, should take a look at what Beachbody has to offer and ESPECIALLY what the coaching opportunity has to offer. Click on the click below to reach out to me, find out more, get started or to at LEAST take a look.

If where you are right now hasn’t or won’t get you to where you want to be in life, then it’s time for a change!

-Partner with Me-

*Disclaimer: Beachbody does not guarantee any level of success or income from the Team Beachbody Coach Opportunity. Each Coach’s income depends on his or her own efforts, diligence, and skill.*