Dover Sole

Category: Finfish

Family: Soleidae

Scientific Name: solea solea

Location: North Atlantic

Size: 400-800 grams

Season: year round

Cooking Applications: steamed, poached, pan-fried.  Delicate flesh is best suited for minimal ingredients and preparation for the subtle flavor to shine and be unmasked.

Substitutes:  Lemon Sole, Fluke

This highly desirable and prized flatfish is usually caught in the Mediterranean Sea.  To many, true Dover Sole is caught in the English Channel.  Dover, England was once the best supplier to the London market.  

Among the fish in the sea, Dover Sole has long been considered one of the best eating fish in the world and is considered a delicacy in most countries.  Dover Sole is best cooked lightly as to not overcook or mask its beautiful tender, sweet, moist and flakey flesh.  Despite it’s delicacy, Dover Sole is traditionally served with heavier and rich sauces in European cuisine. ( a la meuniere, steamed or poached with a wine sauce)

When purchasing Dover Sole, be aware of an inferior domestic Pacific Sole that is often marketed as “Dover Sole” which is another species altogether (microstomus pacificus).


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