Seabream, ‘Tarakihi’ New Zealand

Category: Finfish

Family: Perch

Location: New Zealand

Size: 2-4 pounds (average)

Season:  year round

Cooking Applications:  Suitable for grilling, roasting, steaming, and sautéing.  The skin crisps up nicely, and the flesh is medium to firm with an excellent mild flavor, pairing exceptionally well with citrus.  The flaky, white meat has firm texture and flavor reminiscent of John Dory.  New Zealand Sea Breams are very high in protein, around 25%.

Substitutes: Red Snapper, Sea Bass

Known in New Zealand as Tarakihi, this fish is one of the most popular eating fish on the island.  The main identifier is the dark band across the shoulder, much like the gold markings on the gold-head bream (daurade).          

 New Zealand breams are primarily fished by longliners in the Bay of Plenty on the coast of North Island.  They are found abundantly  in the cooler waters of East Cape and around the South Island.

 The silver bream is fairly new to the United States and is increasingly growing in popularity.  New Zealand Sea Breams are usually available year round.




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