Shrimp, Maine Pink

Catergory: Shellfish

Location:  The Gulf of Maine

Size: 1-2 inches, full grown

Season: Anywhere from December to April

Cooking Applications:  Maine Pink Shrimp bare a delicate, sweet, creamy and briny meat.  The meat is much more delicate than most Shrimp and cook up less firm. These Shrimp are best when fried, steamed or boiled whole since alot of flavor imparts from the shell and roe in the head.  Picked meats can be simply fried in olive oil and garlic and are great for pastas especially shrimp and grits.

Northern Shrimp (pink Shrimp, coldwater Prawns) are found throughout the waters of the north Atlantic, north Pacific and Arctic oceans, inhabiting the soft muddy sea bottoms, feeding on plankton and other microscopic organisms. The Gulf of Maine represents the southern limit of this species’ distribution and one of the most dependable areas for harvest. Northern Shrimp are hermaphroditic, yet there is great variation in age and size when the male-to-female sex change occurs.

 Maine Pink Shrimp are harvested in the colder months in Atlantic waters, primarily the Gulf of Maine.  These small Shrimp take about 2 years to mature to the size legal to catch and sell.  A specially designed system call the Normore Grid is being popularized as a method do reduce by catch and small immature shrimp.

Maine Shrimp are commonly referred to as “popcorn Shrimp” because the de-shelled bodies rarely exceed an inch and a half long. These Shrimp have a firm, mild-tasting flesh in tail and body that is considered sweeter than larger Prawns from warmer waters.