Maine, Belon

Species:  Ostrea Edulis

Location:  Scarborough, Maine

Size:  3-4 inches, market size

Belons are the rarest oysters in North America.  Known as European Flats (Belon refers to a river in France that grows the finest), or Ostrea Edulis, Belons are the native oyster of Europe and are also related to Pacific Northwest’s Olympia, but they are an entirely different genus from the rest of the oysters grown in North America. 

Scientists brought these European Flats to Boothbay Harbor, Maine, in the 1950s and their popularity grew.   Today, a minuscule 5,000 Belon a year are pulled in Maine and sold, making them one of the rarest oysters in the world.

These wild oysters are flat and round and somewhat resemble the shell of a Scallop.  Strong flavors with notes of  zinc and umami hint to a more mature Oyster connoisseur’s palate.