Salmon, Cedar Grilled

You can buy cedar boards or planks for grilling at most food stores or hardware stores (in the grilling department).  You can also use any untreated cedar boards (cut to your preference) from a hardware store or lumber yard.  I like to grill a whole side of salmon for a party or cut them into individual portions (pictured above)  for smaller dinners or just myself.


-untreated cedar board(s) big enough for the fillet of Salmon you’re using, soaked at least 2 hours or overnight in water (weighed down and completely submerged).

-salmon, skin-on fillet of the freshest wild Salmon you can get your hands on.

-olive oil



1. Place Salmon fillet skin-side up in the center of the cedar board.  Brush flesh lightly with olive oil and evenly sprinkle sea salt.

2. On a medium high to high heat grill, place the board with the Salmon over direct heat and cover with grill lid.  Watch occasionally and have a spray bottle with water handy should the board catch fire.  The edges should char and produce plenty of smoke.

3. Check and continue to cook Salmon until preferred doneness.  (I love medium rare- still a bit raw looking in the center of the thickest part of the fillet. This usually takes 10-15 minutes on a hot grill.)

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