Miyake- Portland, Maine

During my time in Portland fufilling my work study grant with Browne Trading Company I, of course, enduldged in some nearby restaurants.  I  wanted to experience the freshest of fish I could so I seamlessly thought of sushi.  When asking anyone around town what’s the best spot for sushi, no one paused or hesitated when they said, “Miyake.”

I walked down into a small space under a large hotel building that was dimly lit from a maze-like contemporary designed ceiling and wall.  A few tables were scattered around a bar surrounding an open kitchen where 5 or 6 cooks displayed a show of the upmost professionalism and concentration.

Being a single diner, I sat at the bar closest to the kitchen show and had my notebook and point and shoot camera ready to document what I had mentally prepared myself as the best sushi dinner I’d eaten so far.  I was not let down.  The waitstaff were very friendly and took observation of my ‘nerd-like’ setup and cautiously asked a few questions.

The menu featured some of the best local and imported fish options in the form of sushi, sashimi and cooked preparations as one would expect at a Japanese restaurant.  There was a special 5 or 7 course omakase chef’s tasting menu, which I chose the 5 course.  Memorable dishes included raw Maine Lobster sashimi tossed in a lemon oil, local grilled Octopus and watermelon radish salad, roasted Swordfish belly with cauliflower and miso puree, and a guinea hen roulade with a corncake all raised on Miyake Farm in Freeport, Maine.

Miyake was an amazing and ambient dining experience, to say the least, that gave me a whole new outlook on Japanese dining and a snobby impression to all mediocre sushi joints down the road.

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