Nothing short of a quick yet clever lunch with minimal time on my hands.  Peekytoe Crabmeat Tacos!  I had some napa cabbage and carrots lying around which I julienned and mixed with sour cream, hot sauce, and fresh Crabmeat.  Piled on a freshly toasted corn tortilla with a scoop of salsa and a squeeze of lime- done!  Good enough for a flashy lunch and good enough for a flashy picture!

Diver Harvested Scallops

Diver Scallop season is just starting in Maine.  Scuba divers risk extremely frigid waters for these gems.  After eating these throughout last season, I won’t eat any other Scallop besides these- it’s worth the wait.  Their sweet, crisp, creamy and elegant flesh is amazing raw or the simply seared in olive oil.

Here’s the method I use for Diver Scallops:

Pan-Seared Diver Scallops

Fish Library:  Scallops, Diver

Maine Pink Shrimp

Wild Maine Pink Shrimp are in season December through March or April.  These Shrimp are responsibly harvested using a Nordmore grid net which eliminates by catch and smaller immature shrimp.

Sucking the petite, sweet and delicate meats and briny roe from the shells should be done in an informal (or even private) setting.  Fry whole in olive oil and garlic and serve with pasta or a salad for a simple meal.  Poach last minute in an aromatic broth or soup for a stunning presentation.

Read the full Species profile at the Fish Library here.